Pure, rainforest water allows us to raise pure, delicious tilapia.

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Pure Water Source

Our water source is at Lake Arenal, an eco-rich volcanic reservoir fed by natural water tributaries along Costa Rica’s tropical Atlantic Coast. By harnessing the power of Costa Rica’s moving falls, rivers, and streams, we can raise our tilapia in constantly flowing water, a unique breeding environment that gives our fish a rainforest-clean taste that must be experienced to believed.

Our multi-use water recycling policy ensures that waters from our fresh, flowing pools and canals is also sustainably recycled -- first moving through hydroelectric power productions to create green energy, and then into irrigation canals to nourish the sugarcane and rice fields of Costa Rica.

With 25% of the country protected in National Parks and Refuges, Costa Rica is a unique jewel in Central America. It has been classified as the Greenest and Happiest country in the world. At Rainforest, we believe in using our business to continue this legacy, sharing resources, respecting our natural environment, and recycling our precious natural gifts at every turn.