About Us




Raised in the pristine rainforest waters of Costa Rica, Rainforest Tilapia is a light, complete, and sustainable protein. Sustainably farmed and freshly delivered from pond to plate in 24 hours or less.

Fed by mineral-rich reservoirs high in the volcanoes of Costa Rica, our ponds breed pure, nutrient-rich Tilapia that are luscious in flavor and free of impurities, additives, growth hormones and antibiotics.

Plus, our fish are socially responsible. Our Tilapia go to work for Costa Rican ecologies -- from the sustainable aquaculture practices that raise them, to reforestation projects and community enrichment programs for the elderly that they fund. A purchase of Rainforest Tilapia does more than just bring smiles to the faces of your family; it nurtures the plant, animal, and human ecosystems of Central America.



Giving Ponds a Good Name Since 1999

Tilapia grow best in nutrient-rich ponds -- the cleaner the pond, the more delicious the fish. Our pristine natural ponds set the bar for pond excellence by combining cutting-edge aquaculture technology with pure Costa Rican resources. We love our fish, so we love our ponds. Read on, to learn the myriad inspiring ways we take pond love to the next level.



Pond love begins with the magic of pristine natural resources. Fresh rainforest water, 8.5 million gallons of it to be exact, makes up the vital foundation of our unique and abundant pond ecosystem. Once the ponds are filled with nature’s best, we ensure 1.6 million gallons of that water circulates in and out of each pond each day. That’s 20% water exchange daily! Twenty thousand square meters of freshly circulating water per pond gives Rainforest Tilapia that unmistakable rainforest clean taste that you can’t get anywhere else.



Before our 20,000 square meter ponds see a drop of delectable rainforest water,  they first pass through a complex and thorough set of pond preparations to maintain proper mineral balance that minimize the risk of unwanted algae growth. First, the pond floors are prepared to ensure the water remains at an optimal pH balance for raising our tilapia. The pond floors are then solar dried for one to the three weeks before minerals, that help our fish thrive, are added.



Our fish have a precise feeding schedule that keeps their waters and bellies clean, and their cells fresh and healthy. Our tilapia eat a plant-based diet, mostly soy, wheat and rice husks. They are fed slowly over the course of four hours, so stress levels in the pond stay low. Over-feeding can deprive the tilapia of much-needed oxygen, oxygen that helps the fish grow and thrive. A relaxed fish is a delicious fish, so we feed with care.



Pond life is luxurious. Unlike most tilapia producers, our fish have lots of room to breathe. Pond density in a Rainforest pound never exceeds 4 kilos of tilapia per cubic meter of water, even when the fish are fully grown. In lake-grown tilapia farms, by comparison, pen density ranges from 28-32 kilos of tilapia per cubic meter -- far above Rainforest Tilapia Standards. We know that spacious quarters produce a more healthy fish, so we go to great lengths to make sure our fish are comfortable.