OUR ethics

Rainforest Tilapia is more than just a fish company -- we are an ethical, carbon-reducing, community-building cooperative

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Zero Waste Policy - Low Carbon Commitment - Reforestation - Community Cleanup - Park Construction -  Community Building - Local Employment


Zero Waste Policy

From our zero waste policy, that upcycles bones, skins, scales, and oils into collagen products, pet food additives, fashion products and more, to our strict carbon standards that keep our CO2 profiles far below those reported by other tilapia productions, respecting our environment is a value we take seriously.  



We plant 100-300 native trees a year in the nationally protected biological corridors around our farms. Native vegetation planted by our employees protect surface and groundwater systems while supporting spectacular animal species that use the trees for shelter, migration and sustenance. We believe our growth should be in harmony with the growth around us, so at Rainforest, we go out of our way to ensure that every step we take respects and nurtures the beautiful wilderness of Costa Rica.


Community Cleanup

Quarterly campaigns are carried out by Rainforest staff to clear trash near our rivers and cities under collaboration with the local Municipality and Ministry of Public Health. Extra recyclable materials are used to build community parks and public trash cans in Canas, so the children of Guanacaste can share in the benefits of our company.


Community Building

We support Costa Rican children and the elderly by doing service in schools and nursing homes. From planting community gardens, to donating teaching materials to area schools, (1,600 books for children at School Las Cañas “Books for All” Campaign) to developing an Emergency Plan and signage for the nursing home buildings in Cañas. Rainforest employees are committed to supporting and enriching the lives of community members young and old. Rainforest also supports food delivery to the elderly through our work with the Red Care Program and have also trained personnel at Nursing Home Cañas in both first aid and the use of fire extinguishers.


Local Employment

We are proud to provide jobs that benefit over 1200 families in Guanacaste. We operate with local suppliers, and prioritize the employment of female heads of households. We offer literacy programs for our non-literate workers, and provide opportunities to for all our workers to pursue educational growth through scholarships in both primary and secondary universities.