One of the World’s ONLY 100% Hormone Free Tilapia

Rainforest Tilapia has been dedicated to bringing healthy, sustainable, clean tilapia back to the tables of consumers all across the world by raising this fish the right way!

As a trusted supplier and pioneer in the industry - Rainforest has taken their commitment of providing a pure, clean fish even higher by eliminating a hormone many suppliers fail mention of using - Methyl Testosterone.

We know you have questions, so here are some answers you may find helpful!

What is Methyl Testosterone and why do producers use it?

Tilapia producers world wide use a hormone called Methyl Testosterone at a very early growth state through their feed. This is done to inhibit the females reproductive system so that instead of focusing on reproducing, they grow faster.

Why did Rainforest Tilapia decide to stop using Methyl Testosterone?

The team at Rainforest has always wanted consumers to know that they CAN find a responsibly raised tilapia that tastes delicious. By discontinuing the use of this hormone — we can now say that our fish are 100% pure. Producing the cleanest fish possible is why our tilapia have such a desired taste profile. It truly is a fish you can feel good about eating.

Now that you do not use Methyl Testosterone - what do you do?

To keep our fish consistent in size at all stages of the growth cycle without using this hormone, we have added an exceptional team of aquaculturists who MANUALLY separate females and males before they start reproducing. The result of this slow, detailed and thoughtful process is that there is never ever the need for hormones. Not even our brood stock receive hormone treatment. Making this a happier, healthier fish from from hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.

By not using Methyl Testosterone - has the taste profile of the fish changed?

The taste profile of RainForest tilapia has elevated to a new level of purity! The clean, mild flavor and thick hearty fillets make it a lean protein the whole family can enjoy.

By eliminating the use of this hormone, Rainforest Tilapia is now the ONLY producer in Costa Rica with a tilapia that is completely free from hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. And ONLY one of two producers in the world not using Methyl Testosterone. A pure, clean tilapia that is good for you and good for the environment.

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